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Many businesses leverage the secure, collaborative IBM (Lotus) Notes and Domino application platform. However, the absence of an effective way to instantly transform the available data into actionable information within the secure and collaborative IBM Notes and Domino framework is the limiting factor for business users.

While IBM Notes applications enable end users to collaborate on data and information presented in Notes views, users are unable to visualize their data or customize or information based on dynamic business situations. To overcome these limitations, users export Notes View data to spreadsheets, resulting in loss of the security and integrity of Notes data.


IntelliPRINT - Unlock the business value of your IBM Notes and Domino data

IntelliPRINT is the world's leading information management solution for IBM Notes and Domino applications. A minimal additional investment in IntelliPRINT can, not only helps add cutting-edge reporting and data visualization to IBM Notes and Domino applications but also drives spectacular results for the enterprise.

IntelliPRINT provides business users with advanced, interactive and user-driven reporting and analysis capabilities. A visually appealing and user friendly information interface motivates end-users to invest significantly more effort in their IBM Notes and Domino applications, literally unlocking the business value of their applications, and enabling enterprises to achieve higher and extended returns from their investments in their IBM Notes and Domino infrastructure! IntelliPRINT also delivers Return on Investment (ROI) or "time to value in just days, with very minimal effort, time, resources, planning and change required, before seeing tangible business value!


The IntelliPRINT Advantage

A product for every need

IntelliPRINT Reporting

A native reporting solution for IBM Notes that enables developers to rapidly create & deploy reports with industry-leading visualization capabilities within the secure and collaborative IBM Notes framework using real-time and parameterized data.

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IntelliPRINT Dashboard Reporting

A native Dashboards and Analysis solution for IBM Notes that enables end-users to create, modify, extend and analyze interactive dashboards INSIDE IBM Notes, without adding to IT overhead.

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IntelliPRINT Analytics

A native solution for IBM Notes that enables end-users to transform any Notes view into an interactive spreadsheet-like view and analyze real-time data INSIDE IBM Notes, without placing any overhead on IT.

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