“IntelliPRINT Reporting makes integration of reports so easy! We were using crystal reports earlier to pull data from IBM Notes. IntelliPRINT Reporting makes the job a lot easier due to its complete integration with IBM Notes. It is a perfect fit for our reporting requirements. We are very satisfied with the value of this solution.”

Jatuporn Akkaragumtorn
Sealite Group, Thailand

“I am very happy with IntelliPRINT. Without IntelliPRINT, I would have no easy way of providing reports which are an integral part of our applications, and some of our applications would be practically useless. It is also extremely beneficial for us to be able to export reports to different formats like PDF, Excel, etc. without any extra coding.”

Neil Evans
MM Electrical Merchandising, Australia

“I was looking for a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution to eliminate additional IT overhead on entering approved Purchase Requisitions in IBM Notes to the AS400 system & printing, sorting, signing, and mailing them to vendors. Nothing came close to IntelliPRINT Reporting in terms of functionality, price and ease of installation.

With this new enhancement in our Purchase Requisition system, our buyers´ and the purchase department´s work has been made easier, simpler, and more efficient. IntelliPRINT does an excellent job!”

Roniel Sia
Valeo Climate Control, USA

“IntelliPRINT Dashboard Reporting is a cost effective, off-the-shelf & simple solution. It is relatively straightforward to implement and is a good system that gives managers the ability to look at meaningful business information at one glance. Most importantly it is very intuitive and user-friendly.”

Mike Hodge
Wavefield Inseis, Norway

"Our business routine has become a lot simpler and easier after deploying IntelliPRINT Analytics. With IntelliPRINT Analytics, the output of a user per unit of time worked has increased and this in turn has resulted in significant productivity benefits for us. IntelliPRINT Analytics has leveraged our existing investments in IBM Notes. With a very minimal investment, we have reaped significant & quantifiable benefits."

Amit Kumar
Electrolux, Sweden

“IntelliPRINT Reporting has been well received by our end users. IntelliPRINT Reporting is so easy to use and the customers think the reports look fabulous. Things they have never been able to do within Notes are now being done.”

Carla Gillespie

“IntelliPRINT gives users 100% freedom to create complex ad-hoc reports, without any programming skills. IntelliPRINT is a class apart, on any front, be it user-friendliness, flexibility, and power, from other products in the Notes arena. We have reaped excellence in ROI with IntelliPRINT and have got the payback in less than a week’s time.”

Tom Boertien
Philips International, Netherlands

“Team IntelliPRINT is wonderful to work with. You have been so helpful, supporting me with samples and inputs even before I bought your product.”

David C. Clarke
Caterpillar Elphinstone Pvt. Ltd., Australia

"Great, professional looking reports."

Steve Warren

"I find IntelliPRINT Reporting to be a good product overall. I like that the reports are built into the databases so that we can provide focused reporting to the end users. I also like the fact that my end users can create their own reports."

Kim Kiefer
Hendricks Regional Health, USA

“If I need to print existing views and documents with set margins or if I need to create multiple page report with multiple formats, I now can do this through IntelliPRINT. Programmability of reporting has been reduced to a tenth of the time with IntelliPRINT. And the cost per client is very reasonable.”

Curtiss Mobley
Fleetwood Retail Corporation, USA

"We like IntelliPRINT Analytics because it is uncomplicated, easy to set up, and requires almost no IT intervention even when users want to continually set up and modify their reporting capability. IntelliPRINT Analytics is used by all of our Sales and Marketing staff, and also by our Managing Director who has turned into a serious power user."

Greg Mawdsley
Action Images, UK

“Making changes in the reports have always been a major problem for our staff. I spent nearly 25 hours trying to change a signature and getting a certificate to properly print on several different printers. Using IntelliPRINT, I was able to reduce the time down to 2 hours for the same task. IntelliPRINT has given us so much control over how we want to present Notes data.”

Mahen Gunasekera
California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, USA

“Our company is most impressed with your product, not because you had over 125,000 users when we started evaluating it, but because you made the necessary changes to your product to enhance our business. Because of this, I have told others looking for similar report solutions about your product.”

Bill Baker
eLaw Software, USA

“Your software application was able to reduce a pain-staking four-hour task into a simple 20 minutes. Your program's ability to work with our large Notes databases has been an absolute time saver. The product was easy to integrate and simple to use… Your application is a must have for any IBM Notes administrator.”

JR Williams
Uline Inc., USA

“… IntelliPRINT is a dynamic window into Notes data and gives our clients and decision-makers the flexibility to manipulate and analyze Notes data to generate ad-hoc graphical and non-graphical reports. Besides IntelliPRINT Reporting, we think IntelliPRINT Analytics is an excellent product in the IntelliPRINT product family.”

Karl-Heinz Boedecker
JR Work-Flow Development, Germany

“We put IntelliPRINT Reporting and IntelliPRINT Analytics into all new projects as an embedded MUST HAVE. To pull data out of Notes without any word to the developer is really amazing.”

Ivan Petruv, Czech Republic

“Our management staff and even their administrative assistants are fully empowered through IntelliPRINT Reporting to create an amazing array of individual and enterprise-wide reports. Your product has enabled us to leverage our existing staff to accomplish more aggressive implementation timelines and thus improved our ability to compete. It also had the unanticipated benefit of improved staff morale.”

William E. Harris
Adapt of America Inc. , USA

“We have selected IntelliPRINT product and its ability to overcome Notes' biggest weakness, getting data back out of the databases in a professional and useful format on paper. But it is not just the technical excellence of the product, we feel their organization as a whole is a first class operation.”

Steven Taylor
Novologic, USA

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IntelliPRINT Dashboard Reporting

A native Dashboards and Analysis solution for IBM Notes that enables end-users to create, modify, extend and analyze interactive dashboards INSIDE IBM Notes, without adding to IT overhead.

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IntelliPRINT Analytics

A native solution for IBM Notes that enables end-users to transform any Notes view into an interactive spreadsheet-like view and analyze real-time data INSIDE IBM Notes, without placing any overhead on IT.

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